Published 17 March 2016
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Competition and safety- Lycée Aristide Briand

A competition organized for the young people, by the young people.

The school Aristide Briand (Evreux) participates in two different ways at the world championships.

This is the high school handball pole representing France (men’s team), led by Marc Ferron.

Students pro high school, 2BPMS (Bac Pro 2 Occupation Safety), enhance security at the various sites. The terminal Bac Pro Safety Preventing provide first aid (first aid)

On each competition, there are 2 students for safety and first aid to 2 (3 for Kindarena)

After the first day, we could see that their role was very large!

Various interventions on injuries of players during matches, an intervention during spinning of the opening ceremony or the afternoon with players who do not feel well (headaches, stomach aches etc ...)

Marine Caill
Lycée Aristide Briand