Published 17 March 2016
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Facilities and trophies - Lycée Boismard

A competition organized for the young people, by the young people.

In high school Boismard (Brionne), the world championship has mobilized many students of the institution.

They were indeed responsible for the implementation of several major developments: lectern for speeches, podium for the finals mailboxes for the Hall of accreditations countries panels for the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremony, a surprise for the official dinner Wednesday night ... and trophies!

Solicited students were carpentry students (Bac pro Carpenter Fitters and CAP Carpenter Installer) for the podium, mailboxes and panels, Joinery pro ferry students to the desk, and students Brevet des Craftsmanship for trophies.

The project has mobilized teams of high school since the beginning of the school year, he enrolled in the course of teaching progressions teachers. Add these supplements represent the quality and timeliness.

A unifying project that started from the drawing, being applied arts, to the podium, the trophies, the desk, which is followed by modeling under technical drawing to realize the plans before going to production.

F. Delamare