Published 11 March 2016
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General Program

Friday, march 11, 2016 :

14pm-18pm Welcoming of the teams Kindarena
20pm Meeting of heads of delegation Kindarena
20pm Metting of referees Kindarena

Saturday, march 12, 2016 :

9am – 17pm : Competition – the first group matches

Opening Ceremony at Kindarena

16.15pm Parade of all Nations
16.30pm reception and welcome personality
17pm beginning of the ceremony
17.15pm Artistic performance
18pm officiel speeches
18.20pm Artistic dance and light show
18.45pm official invitations to cocktail

Sunday, march 13, 2016 :

9am – 17.30pm : Competition

Monday, march 14, 2016

9am – 17pm : Competition

Tuesday, march 15, 2016 :

Cultural Day
18pm – 21pm Evening of Nations

Wednesday, march 16, 2016 :

19pm Official meal (Lyc Hôtelier Canteleu)

Thursday, march 17, 2016 :


Friday, march 18, 2016 :

9am – 12am : Classification matches
12am Special Olympics
14.30pm girls’final
16.00pm boys’final

Closing ceremony

17.30pm Podium and protocol set up
Girls’ MVP handover
Boys’ MVP handover
ISF Hymn. Gooing down of the ISF flag
Handover of the flag from Qatar (organizer 2018)

Saturday, march 19, 2016

Departure of the teams