Published 18 March 2016
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Opening ceremony - Lycée Jeanne d’Arc

A competition organized for the young people, by the young people..

The class 1st L visual arts from lycée Jeanne d’Arc (Rouen) attended the opening ceremony.

The students produced two videos projected simultaneously with the dancers (which they belonged elsewhere).

The first video is a stop-motion, a cartoon consisting of over five hundred drawings: it took almost a quarter of work, or twenty hours of course not counting staff work at home.

This video was developed in agreement and in collaboration with the progress of work done by Ms. Quesney dance, head teacher of the class and responsible for the opening ceremony.

The second video is more an experiment by some dance rushes of students taken during rehearsals.

The design of the videos was based on a work on the theme of the movement, from the decomposition of the movement, its translation by means of plastic, color blends and colors ...

The students were very involved in the project, and gratified by the screening of their film on the big screen.

Ms. Bernard,
art teacher