Published 17 March 2016
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Reports - Collège Jules Verne

A competition organized for the young people, by the young people.

College Jules Verne (Deville les Rouen) has invested two years in the organization of the world: at the time of the application, the institution had carried a picture containing all the college students holding a banner 40 meters wide on which was written a slogan for the Rouen bid to host the event.

Last year, when Rouen was chosen to host the championships, a team of reporters is part five-day course for photography learning to use cameras. Canon France lent our team € 60,000 professional equipment.

Eighteen students are part of the team of reporters who currently photographing the entire championship School Handball World.

The team is supervised by an AED, a professor of English and PE teacher and official photographer UNSS.

"This is a unique opportunity for our students to participate in such an event as reporters, speaking English with players from all countries." Back automatic line
"They win 3 years maturity by working as equals with adults and acquire an incomparable level of skill."