Published 17 March 2016
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Young reporters - Collège Mandela

A competition organized for the young people, by the young people.

Young reporters from Nelson Mandela College (Elbeuf) share their first days at UNSS World Handball Championship:

"We are the young reporters of Nelson Mandela college. We are present at the 23rd UNSS Handball World Championship which takes place from 11 to 18 March 2016. We film the actions of play, player interviews.

We are divided into teams of two or three people. While some filming in different gyms, a team still to newsroom for editing videos brought by the young reporters.

Since the girls-boys stereotypes are still marked in handball, we try to prove the opposite by short skits.

The young reporters have to speak in English despite their difficulties, they are very brave. At the end of each match, they rush to pick a player or a player to question them.

A good frame, a clear picture, no disturbing noise and teamwork are the key elements to be sure in this role. "

Syndelle C. , Khadija C.

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